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Neolithic humans are known to have survived traumatic, ritualistic, and punitive rather than therapeutic amputations.Cave-wall hand imprints have been found that demonstrate the loss of digits.Because the structure of the knee is complex and many different disorders or conditions can cause knee pain, the cause of the pain must be diagnosed before joint replacement surgery can be discussed as an option.Restoration of joint function and stability is the other major purpose of knee replacement surgery.Knee replacement is a procedure in which the surgeon removes damaged or diseased parts of the patient's knee joint and replaces them with new artificial parts. Arthroplasty comes from two Greek words, arthros or joint and plassein , "to form or shape." The artificial joint itself is called a prosthesis.Most knee prostheses have four components or parts, and are made of a combination of metal and plastic, or metal and ceramic in some newer models.

The earliest literature discussing amputation is the Babylonian code of Hammurabi, inscribed on black stone, from 1700 BCE, which can be found in the Louvre.

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You lose interest in your favorite activities, may experience changes in appetite, weight and sleep patterns, have difficulty concentrating and may be preoccupied with death or suicide.

Feelings of sadness can be normal, appropriate and even necessary during life's setbacks or losses.

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