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Window transparency is a key element of Enigma's visual style.

Visage is a tiny Windows tray utility which, while it's running, provides hotkeys to change the transparency of the active window, and of the Windows taskbar. Visage is provided both as an executable and as an Autohotkey script.

By default, this relies on Jackson; it respects document structure, handles lists and ignores missing attributes.

It just need a no-arg constructor, even private (if the object has to be immutable, .

Rest stop for some of the most amazing, courageous, beautiful, successful, and humble heroes ever to grace this universe! You can get the Doomed Dragon Scythe of Elementals for the full price of 5,000 DCs or the Doomed Dragon Amulet Scythe of Elementals 500 if you have a Dragon Amulet.

These will drop unique, powerful weapons, guaranteed, just for defeating them! Sanctuary’s Return is part of a new chain where we will have the chance to do just that.

Some devices are deprecated and no longer supported on ESXi 6.0.

During the upgrade process, the device driver is installed on the ESXi 6.0 host.

Click on the rift above Falconreach to find yourself transported to the Inn at the Edge of Time! The shops will be here for a little while before they're gone until the next anniversary comes around. There's a new request for help at the Swordhaven Quest Board! This week, you’ll return where the Hero and Sir Leon were left off in the most recent Shears quest, confronted by a previous Rose acquaintance!Several microbenchmarks (using Caliper & Yourkit) highlight this release net improvements: Jongo 0.3 is 6 times faster than Jongo 0.2, which make it as fast as the driver!Have a look at find microbenchmark and save microbenchmark, and at their implementations (find & save).Since 0.3, Jongo uses Mongo Java driver at a deeper level to enhance performance.Instead of converting results into strings and unmarshalling strings into objects, it works at level (query marhalling works the same since 1.0).

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