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The Berkshire Juvenile Court on North Street in Pittsfield. Deval Patrick signed the so-called "Raise the Age" bill into law, 17-year-olds who commit crimes no longer go to adult court. Instead of going to county facilities like the Berkshire County Jail & House of Correction, a 17-year-old convicted of a felony, misdemeanor or municipal ordinance violation (like public drinking), is considered a "juvenile delinquent," with an age range of 7 to 17.Seventeen-year-olds who run afoul of the law will now have their cases heard in juvenile court, per the new ‘Raise the Age’ law signed by Gov. The teen can be sent to a Department of Youth Services facility until the age of 18.The following chart lists the unrestricted legal age of consent for each of the 50 united states and Washington DC.

* Note: Some state laws make the age gap less of a crime but still consider it criminal activity that can be prosecuted.; where this is the case we have listed ‘No’.The State of Massachusetts has enacted multiple laws addressing different aspects of sexting, however, the act of sexting itself is not a crime.It’s important to be familiarized with these laws, so that you don’t find yourself on the wrong side of the law with your electronic devices."I've always felt having 17 as the age at which a person is considered an adult by the court system as completely arbitrary," said Pittsfield attorney Robert M.Fuster Sr., who has defended both juveniles and adults in court.

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